Living with A Life Long Scar No More.

Sneha, 12 years old is the older of the twin sisters. She was born a healthy baby, but for the squint in her eye. As she grew older she became a victim of mockery and bullying at school. Her parents were worried that such incidents in her life would affect her adversely. Sankara’s Rainbow program identifies school children for visual defects with the help of teachers and transfers those requiring treatment to the base hospital. Sneha is a beneficiary of this program. At the school screening, doctors identified the squint and recommended her for treatment. At the hospital, a squint correction procedure was performed.Due to Sankara’s comprehensive pediatric and vision examinations, children like Sneha have been spared further psychological trauma. Her parents are overjoyed that their child can fully enjoy her life without the fear of bullying or mockery. They are grateful to the doctors at Sankara Eye Hospital for giving Sneha a fresh start.